Panel discussion on ‘Cinema in the time of Corona’

Posted on July 11, 2020


Was a part of Deccan Herald’s new webinar series, DH Sparks:

“In our first discussion, we focus on the surge in content and consumption on OTT platforms… Is the shift from big screen to small screen here to stay? What are the implications for movie halls and multiplexes, actors, directors and technicians? And what can movie buffs expect in the coming months?


  1. Baradwaj Rangan, Film Critic

  2. Nitin Datar, VP, Film Federation of India

  3. Pawan Kumar, Director

  4. Pramod Arora, Chief Growth Officer, PVR

  5. Samyukta Hornad, Actor

Moderator SR Ramakrishna, City Editor, Deccan Herald

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