Bulbbul on Netflix, with Tripti Dimri and Avinash Tiwary: A SPOILER-filled look at this eerie drama that says witches are women, too

Posted on July 12, 2020


What we have here is a fever-dreamscape quasi-giallo movie, which transforms the pulp premise of a female vigilante into something very human and emotional and deeply mysterious.

Spoilers ahead…

Bulbbul is produced by Anushka Sharma’s production outfit (she runs it with her brother), and it shares a few similarities with another film from this company: Pari. Both titles refer to winged creatures: one’s a bird, the other an angel. And both times, these wings are clipped: either literally or metaphorically, the female protagonists end up chained. Both stories are set in Bengal: Pari in present-day Kolkata, Bulbbul in the Bengal Presidency in the latter part of the 19th century. Both films weave in horror elements, but neither is a “horror movie”. They are instead, curious marriages of wildness and domesticity, the real and the supernatural, the feral and the feminine. Very early on in Bulbbul, the word “khoon” (blood) — uttered by a male — is juxtaposed over the image of a child bride leaving bright-red footprints with the alta painted on her soles. Ask me if there’s a loose thesis statement in the film, and I’ll propose this: A witch is a woman, too.

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