Law on Amazon Prime Video, with Ragini Prajwal: An utterly underwhelming story about a gang-rape survivor with a twisty secret

Posted on July 17, 2020


The film, alas, is terribly written and executed. It’s very hard to stay invested in these drab, borderline-nonsensical proceedings.

Spoilers ahead…

For a while — just a little while — there’s something intriguing about Law, written and directed by Raghu Samarth. The opening stretch introduces us to Nandini (Ragini Prajwal), who’s been gang-raped by three men. But unlike other women in our cinema who find themselves in this plight, she doesn’t come across as a “victim”. There’s something steely about her. Her face has a bruise, but no tears. When she flags down a car, she asks to be taken not to a hospital but to a police station. The cops there are cracking misogynistic jokes and Nandini’s father himself looks like he’d be happier if she didn’t file a case. He seems worried about the media and public scrutiny that will doubtless ensue. His logic is that the system is too powerful, too corrupt, so it’s best to back off. Time will heal it all, he says. But Nandini calls him on his BS.

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