Readers Write In #233: The blind man and the waterfall

Posted on July 29, 2020


(by Abishek Balaji)

“July 31, 2055. 11:45pm. Seventy five years since Harry Potter and Ninety years since JK Rowling was born. Seven years since Southern India went down under the Sea. The 19th Revised Hunger Games Fifth Edition Phase 1. If I win this by defeating my 50 other counterparts, I go to the next round. If I don’t, I guess I’ll die. Every round will have a task. Every player will be given a disability. They thought it would spice things up. They are always looking for something spicy. They’d never been to an Andhra mess. Tomorrow morning I’ll get to know. Let’s hope they give me the disability of not talking. It looks like the easiest one. Also wherever I go it’s my foul mouth that plays spoilsport.”

She stopped recording from the device and looked up. It was almost midnight. This was probably the last one She would ever see. “duck it, let’s just die as early as possible, be reborn and win this the next time.” She was a big fan of Om Shanthi Om .

She didn’t exactly say duck. I use Autocorrect.


“August 1, 2055. 11:45am . I’m blind. My disability is that I can’t see. Others had it worse I heard.One guy couldn’t move his legs. Another one couldn’t pee. They gave us our tablets and the next second our whole neural system changed. The task was simple. We had to wade through the forest. It was like a maze. The person who makes it outside before anyone else went to the next round , out of the pan into the fire.  Others will die or get recruited as slaves to whoever wants to buy them.“

It was barely noon, but She felt like the day had already gone on longer than The Irishman. She was halfway through the forest, and had already gotten bruised, beaten, bitten, and broken a billion times. “Duck this”, said She. The 120kg body was no longer able to run(remember ‘big’ fan of Om Shanthi Om?).


“August 1,2055 . 11:45pm . I can feel it. There’s a waterfall ahead. I need to cross it and I’m almost through. But crossing it is impossible. Wish my life was directed by Rajamouli, navigating between waterfalls would be a piece of cake. And most of my competitors would have also probably completed this much, at least those who are still alive. Someone’s probably hiding behind this tree waiting to pounce in a minute and stab me. Or not even hiding . I am blind . The attacker may as well be listening to all this sitting next to me.”

She was embarrassed at that thought . Even in such a situation, She feared being judged. “Whoever’s hearing, duck you”. Being blind seemed to be the least of concerns.


There was a sudden noise to the right. Like an arrow . She got up and started running towards the waterfall. It was a question of whether to die at the hands of the Arrow dude or by the waterfall. She considered jumping off the waterfall and landing down safely. Sadly, She wasn’t Aishwariya Rai from Raavanan. The sound of the footsteps behind got louder. This is it, She thought. This is how it ends. She darted through the terrain, and after a point could feel the water currents getting stronger and the water level getting deeper.“Duck my life”, She said before diving.


“August 9,2055. 11:45am. Name She Laa. Age 21. Nationality Chinese. Gender Male. Was found lying down the foothills of Hair Falls. Winner of Phase one of The 19th Revised Hunger Games Fifth Edition. Unable to proceed because of multiple injuries throughout the body with damages to an already damaged brain.” She was woken up by the sound of the nurse reading out the report. He sat up in his chair and saw the girl, younger than him, making his medicine. “What the duck……”