The Last Empire – A Short History of Twentieth Century Russia

Posted on August 13, 2020


A plug for G Waugh’s book version of his essays on Russia…

I would like to announce the launching of my first book – THE LAST EMPIRE – A Short History of Twentieth Century Russia. It is a collection of fifteen essays that chronicle the history of Russia/USSR from 1917 till 1991. The origin and ideas behind contemporary political terms- Communism, Capitalism, Fascism, the Left, the Right have been introduced and explained in sufficient measure. It also contains two chapters on the influence of Soviet Russia on the history of India.

The book appeared as a series of essays in this blog and can be accessed for free here –

An excerpt can be found here –

My book is available on NotionPress –

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Priced at Rs. 175/- with no delivery charge if you order in Amazon this week. It is also available on Kindle for Rs. 69/-


G Waugh (aka) JeevaPitchaimani

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