Are Vijay and Ajith Tamil Cinema’s last set of “dual” superstars?

Posted on August 28, 2020


OTTs platforming star films, new-age actors, film budgets…what do all of these mean to an audience used to energetic FDFS celebrations?

VM: I’m not sure how many people realise this but Suriya’s decision to go straight to OTT with Soorarai Pottru is kind of a watershed moment in the history of Tamil cinema. It’s like the OTTs have come of age with just one movie. The platforms were always looked at, until now, as ‘Plan B’ or the ‘India A’ team. With this, it’s kind of obvious what the future looks like and the theatres are never going to be the same again, with vaccine or without…

BR: And I think stardom won’t be the same again, either. MGR/Sivaji, Rajini/Kamal, Vijay/Ajith… I’ve always wondered about the “iruvar” pairs of male heroes at the top, and which pair would take over next. Now, I’m wondering if THAT kind of mega-stardom is ever going to be possible anymore, for two reasons. (1) I think the film will come to matter more than the star. Once the dust settles after the FDFS whistling-hooting madness, we’re already seeing that people won’t come for just the star alone, the most recent case in point being Darbar. Earlier, sometimes, a sub-standard film could still get away because “there is nothing else to watch”. Now, that’s no longer the case. And (2), mega-stars are built on mega-loyalty from audiences over a sustained period of time, and I don’t see that happening in the future.

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