Chaitanya Tamhane, after the premiere of The Disciple at the Venice Film Festival: “Every film is a new battle”

Posted on September 5, 2020


“A part of the film is about a musician going through an existential crisis about his art. Cinema, too, is going through this crisis, even though it’s a much younger art.”

It’s the day after the premiere of The Disciple at the Venice Film Festival. How is Chaitanya Tamhane feeling? “Good,” he says over the phone, with a little-boy giggle that frequently punctuates our conversation. I’m thinking it’s a pinch-me-I-must-be-dreaming giggle. I’m also thinking “Good” is not a good-enough response for the momentousness of the occasion. Another giggle, and Chaitanya obliges with what it really was like. “It was a big day. It was surreal. To put out a film in 2020, in these times, in front of a real audience, in a real cinema hall where the lights go down and the room goes dark…” The last time he was in this scenario was in London, when he saw a bunch of films like Parasite (for the second time) and Knives Out. “The fact that the film was in Competition didn’t hurt.”

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