The name is Connery, Sean Connery: Goodbye to the first and finest James Bond

Posted on October 31, 2020


As he got older, oddly, the cruel veneer in his on-screen persona slipped away and he became more avuncular. This is possibly his best phase, his most beloved phase.

When I think of Sean Connery, I think of James Bond. But of course. He was in one of the greatest of those films, the one that really should be pronounced the way Shirley Bassey said it in the title song: Gauld- finggaaaah! (“My name is Pussy Galore,” the girl says. Connery replies, “I must be dreaming!”) But I also think of that strange and great psychosexual film he did with Alfred Hitchcock, Marnie. (It was released the same year, 1964.) He marital-rapes the Tippi Hedren character. Sean Connery was one of the rare leading men who could be charming and cool, and could also do cruel. Only Daniel Craig matches him in that department, though “charming” I don’t know. The other Bonds were gentlemen. Connery was a spy. You can imagine him giving one of those punny quips, and then proceeding to make an informant talk by pulling out his fingernails. 

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