Andhaghaaram on Netflix, with Arjun Das and Vinoth Kishan: An underwhelming thriller, but a top-notch show-reel

Posted on November 24, 2020


Taken as a whole, the film is underwhelming, and yet, scene for scene, it’s some kind of spectacular. This is the arrival of a very real talent.

Spoilers ahead…

Andhaghaaram is the kind of thriller that pauses for a couple of seconds to gaze at smoke curling out of a cigarette. Some would call that stylish. Others will say those couple of seconds could have been axed to add some momentum to the proceedings. But here’s the thing: writer-director V Vignarajan isn’t after momentum. He is after mood. There’s a scene where a cricket coach named Vinod (Arjun Das) — he’s slowly losing his mind — pastes endless pieces of paper on his walls. I can’t say for sure, but I think the gap between each piece of paper is the same. There’s some OCD-level attention to detail in this film that gives us the quote: The devil is in the details. The devil is also in the narrative. Or at least, some sort of vengeful spirit.

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