Rajinikanth turns 70: A filmic political journey through the Superstar’s punch lines

Posted on December 11, 2020



Surely one part of him always knew this day would come? Otherwise, it’s too much of a coincidence to see two decades-worth of such pointed punch lines.

Happy milestone birthday, Superstar Rajinikanth.

So you’ve finally done it. You’re making the jump. This time, it’s really happening, say the headlines. Having seen the announcement on Twitter, I feel like I’m hearing all your punch lines in a new meaning. Take “Idhu eppidi irukku?” It feels like that’s what you’d have mind-voiced after tweeting that you’ll launch your own party next month. There’s a nice ring to the timing. Last January, you had Darbar. This January, you’re planning an… arasiyal darbar.

As an aside, it’s nice to see the most-asked question for an earlier generation of film fans (“Neenga Rajini fan-aa Kamal fan-aa?) spill out of the cinema halls and into the political arena. As another aside, I wonder what you two might have discussed in earlier times, when we had a different Chief Minister. I feel like I’m hearing a title of a film you both did in a new meaning. Did you two shrug your shoulders and say: “Aval appadithaan?” And now, here you both are, in a whole other version of… Aadu puli aattam.

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