‘Master’ is coming, but the pandemic isn’t going, so what do we do?

Posted on January 5, 2021




Now that 100% occupancy has been ensured in theatres, let’s just be safe and responsible and leave the rest to the movie gods.

When the announcement came that Tamil Nadu theatres would be open at 100% capacity to accommodate Master and Eeswaran, my jaw dropped. Really? What kind of message is being sent out? That the pandemic is over? That, at least in Tamil Nadu, it’s no longer a concern? Or, that the Tamil Nadu government has done its bit for all these months and now it’s up to us to be grown-ups and choose wisely? That we can’t be kept prisoners forever, and when we choose to use public transport and when we say we’re fine going to beaches and temples, we should be okay choosing to see Master, as well?

One part of me — the part that’s just recovered from COVID — says we need to get on with life. I am super-OCD about masks and sanitisers, and when even I ended up with the damned disease, the first question that came up was: But what more could I have done? If all those precautions didn’t help, if all of that was a gamble anyway, maybe it’s not that much of a stretch going to a theatre and sitting in that stale air for three-something hours!

But then, I saw a Facebook post from a doctor:


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