Vijay became a star exactly 25 years ago, with ‘Poove Unakkaga’

Posted on January 12, 2021


From the perspective of pop-culture history, it’s fun to see a very “normal” Vijay, a young man looking for a job, a young man we see on the 18S bus, a young man who’s a “soft romantic hero”.

The craze for Master is understandable. We haven’t been to the theatres in almost a year, plus this is the big-star movie to beat all big-star movies. And yet, to see those videos of people climbing on their friends’ shoulders to get near a ticket counter, with no concept of social distancing and without wearing masks… it is a little scary.

And to think that, at one point, Vijay wasn’t this Vijay. Very few leading men become overnight stars like Hrithik Roshan, and going through Vijay’s Wiki page is a reminder that he had a particularly underwhelming beginning. In the early stages, apart from the odd Rajavin Parvayile (directed by Janaki Sounder) or Chandralekha (Nambirajan), it was mostly a series of films made by his father, SA Chandrasekhar (Naalaya Theerpu, Sendhoorapandi, Rasigan, Deva, Vishnu). Even die-hard Vijay fans – the kind who’d risk a COVID infection rather than miss an FDFS – may have trouble remembering these low-budget productions, which were mostly flops, with a mid-range hit here and there.

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