Readers Write In #325: “Fan-made” Footnotes to the Master Review by Baradwaj Rangan on Film Companion

Posted on January 14, 2021


(by H Prasanna)

1. Godard: Someone Tarantino stole from, including his production company’s name. Godard said he would like some money for that name.
See Godard-isation (no. 11).
2. Hollywood “genre” thriller: Exciting 80s movies which we feel confused about now because of all the homages in Avengers.
3. the former: Trademark BR play on words: Lokesh Kanagaraj “form”ed the movie.
See Auterist (no. 14).
4. “Mass” movie: Every movie where the protagonist vindicates himself at every turn, in the form of punchlines.
5. … that’s classy: Every movie where the protagonist vindicates himself at the final turn, in the form of a punchline.
6. dickishness: Feature of Vijay characters in mass Vijay movies to non-Vijay fans.
7. Staging: Drawing your eyes to things on screen through movement rather than pointing at something and saying look.
8. Mythological: The next 20 years of Avengers spinoffs.
9. …come and go without any sense of a character arc: Make up your mind BR, do you want ten cool scenes or character arcs and depth of screenplay?
10. Anirudh: A fugitive music director on the run for criminally high decibels in his last outing at the theaters, Darbar.
11. Godard-isation: Taking Godard’s stuff without paying him.
12. postmodern game-playing: Script with homages and critiques wrapped with personal signatures and easter eggs. One of the easter eggs is the final draft of the script.
13. “comedy track”: Recurring gags running aside the real story you wished was the real story as the real story drags on.
14. Auteurist: When you write a letter to a director for the choices in the film, instead of the star, because he is the star.
(15.) Fan-made: Baradwaj Rangan did not write or ask me to write this article or disclaimer. All interpretations are my own and he does not espouse any of them. Maybe one or two. But, any resemblance to actual intentions of Baradwaj Rangan is purely coincidental.