Readers Write In #326: Thoughts on Master

Posted on January 17, 2021


(by S Masthan Reddy)

#MasterFilm – Decided to go to this movie in theaters after they said only 50% occupancy is allowed and booked for the fourth day. Into the movie with calm ambiance, not usual for Vijay movie. The movie starts with an interesting reveal of a character, rather I would say intense. After few minutes of the movie, Vijay (JD) comes into the frame. A different and cool Vijay intro. The BGM with the introduction was peppy. Then comes Vijay Sethupathi (Bhavani) in parallel. The character of JD is something unusual for Vijay, A self-centric professor who has his own world. Vaathi coming was good start to set the celebration tone for the movie. The movie starts to build the journey of JD and Bhavani. The initial JD portion was fun, colorful and kind of cool. Bhavani portion was intense, sarcastic and dark. The other characters who appear don’t make much impact, but they have done their job what’s been given. After first 30-45 minutes, you can get an idea where the movie is going, but the question is how it’s going to be. Intriguing thing about this movie is it’s about developing the two-characters, JD and Bhavani. They both come from almost similar childhood background but their adult life is in contrast. Remember I said parallel in the beginning, that’s how this movie rolls. It’s not like most of the commercial movies where the hero will have major portion, this movie deals with both characters in parallel with equal importance. The placing of Kutti Story song was not appropriate, may be if director had swapped Vaathi coming and Kutti Story it would have been a little better. JD is still the same drunken, music lover, whatever I don’t care character. Rather than the initial college characters, the characters in the school are better in terms of relevance. The character of JD goes into a transition and the bhavani character gets struck. The transition of JD was good without much Cliche’s. Though Heroine character makes sense at this point of time, she doesn’t have much screen space. Interval portion was good but not something new. Until now the screenplay was normal without much bore and two Vijay’s were entertaining audience one after another. As the second half starts, the thought is that screenplay will take new turns but what unfolded was not so. Screenplay wasn’t damp squib either, it’s normal. It’s JD/Bhavani who are holding this movie. There is one scene which felt bit engaging where JD goes into Bhavani place and gives him a warning. In the remaining portion of second half, the cautiousness of director was evident as he went with straight forward screenplay without much grip or twist/turn. Arjun Das and a kid character are the ones who make impact in the second half. Songs slow down the movie flow in second half which was already bit sluggish. We can see why they have selected Andrea for that character, but that character or the scene where she appears relevant did not make much impact. The scenes were not bad, they had good qualities of a movie making be it in acting, music and cinematography but the problem is that screenplay is not up to the speed and pretty straight forward. The movie ends on a high with a good fight. The way JD character ends in the movie is good as well.

#Vijay / #VijaySethupathi – Impressed with Vijay on selecting this movie. May be a step-in right direction. Vijay Sethupathi is an artist whereas Vijay is a Star, to accept a capable artist as an equal lead requires some willingness to do things differently and needs confidence. An offbeat, one of the good performance by Vijay. As usual Vijay Sethupathi has done a convincing job in an evil defining role. It’s quite opposite in this movie for both these heroes, an unusual Vijay, a usual Vijay Sethupathi and they both are the ones who shoulder this movie.

#LokeshKanagaraj – In one of the interview Mani Ratnam said he cannot go to Rajinikanth with MounaRagam script. It’s not that MounaRagam is bad script but it has lot of meaning about what Mani Ratnam means about the star power and the perception of fans considering the market size as well. Likewise, Lokesh cannot go with Kaithi or Managaram script to Vijay, So he has made MASTER. Did it do what Dhalapathi did? absolutely not. Did Lokesh Fail completely, may be not. He has got full freedom in this movie which can be seen in the screen but seems like he got held up between a thought to satisfy Vijay fan base and to satisfy himself. The way he has built the two characters and other technical details are good, proves his talent but he wasn’t able to generate the intriguing screenplay the story should have had. May be due to the pressure of handling a star, he has missed his moment of Dhalapathi but just made it to the mark I suppose.

MASTER is decent commercial with master class performance from Vijay & Vijay Sethupathi and not so mastery writing…