Khalid Rahman’s Love on Netflix: Shine Tom Chacko and Rajisha Vijayan subvert the ‘form’ of the domestic-abuse drama

Posted on February 20, 2021


love malayalam

The film has a brilliant twist that’s not just a stunt but deeply rooted in psychology. It’s like ‘Thappad’ on acid.

Spoilers ahead…

It starts innocently enough. A woman gets an ultrasound. A man (who’s at home) gets an “I am pregnant” message. But like everything else in this film, Things. Are. Not. What. They. Seem. Spare a moment to look at this home. It has smiley-happy pictures of the couple all over the walls. So why does she have a bruise on her cheek? What is his thing with violent video games? Just talking about the title, Khalid Rahman’s Love is like Anuraj Manohar’s Ishq. It’s a decoy. You listen to a word like “love” or “ishq”, and it makes you think the movie is about smiley-happy scenarios. By the end, we realise that these words are used ironically, as though to suggest that dictionary definitions are not what relationships are like in real life. There’s a reason Facebook has a status that says “It’s complicated.”

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