Dekel Berenson’s superb short film ‘Anna’ sheds light on the “love tours” industry in Ukraine

Posted on February 27, 2021


anna short film

This 15-minute film is about: meat. Rather, women treated as meat, ready to be picked up by American men who want someone to cook and clean.

Spoilers ahead…

The first scene of Anna, a 2019 short film written and directed by Dekel Berenson, is about two people inside a meat fridge. One’s a man, a food inspector. He looks at the slabs of meat and grades them. The other’s a woman, Anna (Svetlana Barandich). She has a pad and a pen. She notes down what the man says. What’s really of interest, though, is the visual set-up. The man and the woman are practically a side note. Those large slabs of meat dominate the frame, as the two people make their way around them.

It’s a metaphor for what the rest of this 15-minute film is about: meat. Rather, women treated as meat. One day, as Anna is at work – slabs of flesh are lined up behind her; we are never allowed for forget the “meat” angle – she hears an announcement on the radio. It’s a woman’s voice. She says the “Foreign Love Tour” is coming to town. Later, we get the details. It’s an opportunity to meet good-looking, intelligent, single foreign men: “Genuine men who are interested in meeting women like you, for free.”

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