Berlinale 2021: A lament for a lost festival experience

Posted on March 1, 2021



Cannes has the Riviera and Venice has the water scooters. But Berlin has the cold that someone from Chennai so desperately craves.

Spoilers ahead…


fter that rather dramatic headline, let me clarify that the lament is not about Berlinale 2021 going online. The pandemic has opened up something akin to what social media did way back when. At one time, only establishment critics had their voice heard, but with Facebook and Twitter, anyone could opine on a movie. The online nature of the Rotterdam festival (recently) and the Berlinale (now) has, similarly, democratised media coverage. Earlier only those with invitations from the festival could go – also, only those who could fork up the hefty costs involved, even if the publication you write for was footing a bit of the bill. Now, you can sit in Chennai or Chandigarh and “attend” the Berlinale. So, it’s all good – with just one caveat. The theatrical experience will be missed.

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