Berlinale 2021: Ted K tells the story of the Unabomber as a demented eco-activist

Posted on March 3, 2021



If someone told you what ‘Taste’ was about, you may think of Zakariya Mohammed’s ‘Sudani from Nigeria’: a footballer from the African nation ends up in Asia…

Spoilers ahead…

While watching Tony Stone’s Ted K – as in, Ted Kaczynski, as in, the Unabomber (played by an excellent Sharlto Copley) – I kept thinking of other loners, fictional and otherwise. In a scene where Ted K is packing a suitcase, we see a copy of George Eliot’s Silas Marner. Now, there was a man who liked his space. Another book written around this time, the mid-1800s, comes to mind: Walden, of course. The “plot” was about Henry David Thoreau’s experiment of living a simple life in the proverbial middle of nowhere. He felt that “society” was not necessarily the way to live. In practicing individualism (isolationism?), he also practiced minimalism. And yet, the outside world keeps making itself felt – say, in the force of a train thundering past. The first scene of Ted K has Ted K feeling the force of a few snowmobiles thundering past the space he’s made for himself in the Montana wilderness. You feel his rage.

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