Hong Sangsoo’s ‘Introduction’ is at once wispy and profound, like eavesdropping on the universe

Posted on March 5, 2021




Plus, the boarding-school mystery, ‘Brother’s Keeper’. And the marvellously titled ‘Bad Luck Banging or Loony Porn’.

Spoilers ahead…

In the opening scene of Hong Sangsoo’s Introduction, a man is praying. He says he will do anything. He will give up half his wealth, give it to an orphanage even, if God gives him one more chance. We never really find out who this man is, what he did, why he needs that “one more chance” – in the sense that this dramatic opening scene is not the “crux” that drives the narrative, which is shot in black-and-white. Maybe with a bit a stretch, we might be able to move to another instance of “sinning.” Much later, we get a boy who says he couldn’t do a kissing scene in a movie because it felt morally wrong. He felt it would be like cheating his girlfriend. These scenes seem at once wispy and profound, like a haiku that opens up a universe. That, of course, is Hong Sangsoo.

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