Teddy on Disney+ Hotstar: Arya and Sayyeshaa star in a bearly-adequate thriller

Posted on March 12, 2021


teddy arya


Tamil cinema’s high-concept king, Shakti Soundar Rajan, takes a tumble with this story about a giant talking bear

Spoilers ahead…

Shakti Soundar Rajan likes the high concept. He likes to say “I made the first zombie thriller in Tamil cinema”. (That was Miruthan.) He likes to say “I made the first space adventure in Tamil cinema”. (That was Tik Tik Tik.) He likes to say “I made the first giant talking bear movie in Tamil cinema”. That’s his new film, Teddy. Sri (Sayyeshaa) is a happy girl. We see how happy she is when she photographs a bird and smiles. The piano music behind her is even happier. We get the feeling that pointing a camera at winged creatures can replace a day’s worth of retail therapy. Then, sad things begin to happen to Sri — and no, not just because she doesn’t have her camera with her anymore. It’s because she suffers an accident and her spirit or soul or whatever enters a giant teddy bear, which begins to speak in her voice.

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