Hasyam: Jayaraj fashions a comic masterpiece that revolves around death

Posted on March 22, 2021




This is a very funny film, and the “humour” rests on a couple of existential questions. One is that life is absurd. We have to laugh if we want to get through it.

Spoilers ahead…

The amusingly named Japan (Harisree Ashokan) has a very matter-of-fact approach to death. In an early scene, he says he would like to be cremated even though he is a Christian. He wants his ashes scattered in the river that runs through his town. This matter-of-fact-ness isn’t a philosophical position. If Japan is so casual about death, it’s because he makes his living from the dead. He supplies cadavers to medical colleges, for students to study. Japan’s matter-of-fact-ness has seeped through his family, too. His wife Kathrina (Sabitha Jayaraj) works at a medical college. She handles a skeleton like a child would play with a puppet. As for their children, they make jokes about whether this person will die or that one, so their father can get them new clothes or fast food from KFC.

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