Readers Write In #355: A letter to Karthik (celebrating 11 years of Vinnaithaandi Varuvaaya)

Posted on April 30, 2021


(by art_beats_life)

Dear Karthik, 
I watched your new film today. I just wanted to say that I am falling deeper in love with the way you write and breathe life into your characters on the silver screen with every film you make. I just don’t know what to expect in your next film, but I still wait for it eagerly. 
I know I could have just sent you a text, but I was touched when one of your characters onscreen said “sending a text is easy and we text almost everyone whether we mean the message or not, but a letter is something we write to let someone know that the message we have conveyed is heartfelt. Or else why do we spend precious time writing and correcting it with our brains instead of using autocorrect?”. 
The best aspect of the film was how you never lost that innocence you had when you jumped over those gates back when we were kids in love. Weirdly, the recreation of that scene in your film is now iconic in cinematic history. I really thought you would have lost it after ten years, but clearly you still got it.  
I remember a time when you called me during the lockdown due to your inability to write a new script. I really hope our conversation helped you get out of your bad spot. The twins and I are going to be here in Kerala for a while and Roy will be going to New York to take care of his work there, now that overseas travel is now open. He wanted us to stay here because he was really concerned about the covid-19 situation there. 
I’m proud of what you have become Karthik, keep up the good work. I really hope you find someone to help you side-by-side in your journey of life, because you can’t travel alone after a certain point of time. That’s all I had to say. Take care Karthik.
 Yours truly,