Readers Write In #356: A whole heart could never write a love song

Posted on April 30, 2021


(by art_beats_life)

We stopped at a roadside shop to hydrate ourselves on some sweet tender coconuts. After we had our fill, Arjun gave the old shopkeeper a twenty rupee note. The Shop keeper smiled and waved at me as we got into the convertible. I smiled back, Arjun started the engine and we were back on the road. The sky was cloudy and the air wasn’t as hot as it should normally be. Within seconds I found myself enjoying the air with the roof drawn back. I then heard a familiar sound on the stereo. I turned the volume up a bit, and heard the song which I instantly recognized as one of Arjun’s songs. This song, which he titled as ”A whole heart could never write a love song”, is a song I never quite understood. So I turned to Arjun and asked him “what does this song mean? I know how you love to mask the details with words so decode it for me, Na?” Arjun then asked me “What is love, Aditi?” Love is a feeling that arises when two people get attracted to each other. ” I replied. Arjun then asked me to elaborate on what I just said. “Love is when you can’t stand a second without that special someone. Love is when we could write a Thousand books and never run out of words to explain how much we love that person. Love is when……..” Arjun asked me to stop right there. He then told me, “Aditi, you’re just 16; you’ve never had your heart broken. Love is something really complex and can’t be explained. The only thing you said that was true was that love is a feeling. The rest was all just fantasies planted in you by the media. When you meet that someone, your heart splits into two which gives you the responsibility to nurture the love you have for that person. When one of two halves goes missing as that person walks out of your life, you will find yourself so broken, everything will make sense to you. Heartbreaks give you clarity. My heart has already been broken once, and believe me when I say love ain’t what movies show us. Love is as simple as making someone smile and yet so complex to put the exact interpretation in words. A real love song can be written only after a heart has been broken. A whole heart is just a really pampered and weak version of the heart. It doesn’t know true love. Hence A whole heart could never write a love song. ” I couldn’t open my mouth for the next 10 minutes, because I know what he went through post break up. If it weren’t for Ahmed he wouldn’t be here with me on a road trip. So it made sense this was his take on love.