Readers Write In #367: Lockdown short film BLOOM from Madras Talkies

Posted on May 22, 2021


(by Ramesh Subramanian)

For my generation, Mani Ratnam movies were the start of a new trend. Mani Rathnam was one of the few to reduce the length of the dialogues and showcase emotions and feelings visually.

Many magical moments come to mind but the one that stands out is the temple scene from Thalapathi where Rajini and Srividya hear the train whistle. Both of them turn around and create a magical moment of profound loss that they went through.

BLOOM is a new gen love story which goes one step further and reduces the dialogues even further. This is how the new generation communicates.

BLOOM revolves around 3 characters, Mitra the heroine with a mind of her own, Ashwin the hero a budding musician and the Lockdown. [PS : Observations like these are because of me reading way too much BReviews 🙂 ]. This review potentially has more words than the dialogues in the entire film.

Director Richard Antony does an exemplary job in showing how little these youngsters expect from each other and how non judgemental they are.

Lockdown is showcased throughout the movie with Masks, work from home and character stuck at home scenes and of course loneliness. 

The film portrays the relationship journeys of the 2 main characters.Social media captures their status correctly as “It’s complicated”.

You can say what you want about traditional love but the scene where the leads first meet is the most romantic scene in the movie. No amount of insta emojis can compensate for that surprise.

I was hoping for that surprise and was glad that happened. Masks make it even more difficult to express emotions, Both the leads were able to express emotions with their eyes.

Like the lead character, I do not watch COVID news and prefer movies to keep my mind busy. The reasoning he gives for that is thought provoking and true. 

I wish they had thrown in some movie names of what he calls boring.

Story moves smoothly with the pair trying to express interest in each other and navigate their oscillating emotions. During this norming phase of the relationship, Mitra does something on instinct. She does that of her own will but regrets it later of her own will too and at the end decides that this is not worth brooding over much, of her own will. One of the few mature women characters portrayed on screen that I have seen.

Ashwin emoted naturally with Subtle yet strong emotions. Mitra’s performance was natural and charming.

The Music was young and vibrant like the tone of the movie. 

The last lines of the movie had so much meaning. Listen to it a few times to understand the depth. A relationship starts to BLOOM here. What is the relationship? Only THEY KNOW……