Jeeva KJ’s ‘Richter Scale 7.6’ is a superb debut that folds its man-vs-nature message into pure cinema

Posted on June 16, 2021


Spoilers ahead…


The dramatic title, Richter Scale 7.6, reminds us of an earthquake. But the film is as peaceful and placid as the surface of a lake. It’s a two-character drama between a father (Ashok Kumar Peringode) and a son (Murugan Martin). The father is a folk theatre artist, a singer and a dancer whose themes are Gods, ancestors and nature. We hear many of his songs in the film and one of them goes: “Where are we headed? All I have is the sky above and the earth below to protect me”. The son is a daily wage worker in a nearby quarry. This means that he is, through his work, helping destroy the very same nature that his father sings about. 

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