Readers Write In #387: Sarpatta Parambarai is a roller-coaster ride

Posted on July 23, 2021


(by Masthan Reddy S)

With the pandemic not allowing normalcy to return, theatres will be the last thing to come alive. OTT release has become viable for some movie release now. In my home, they have put this movie SAARPATTA on release day morning. I had curiosity from first look itself to watch this movie but still thought I could watch it later. I was in another work, but the background music caught my attention while it started streaming. After looking at the proceedings for some time the cinematography and the narration held me in one place. I thought okay let’s sit down. Hope this explains how the start of the movie was.

The grip that this movie had from the beginning itself is noteworthy. Each character contributes in developing this story be it Arya, Pasupathi, Johny, Kalaiarasan, Arya Mom, Vembuli, Dancing rose etc., Conversation between the characters are so real that we might end up being emotional be it humor or sadness, because you might have experienced those kinds of feelings in real life conversations as well. Pasupathi scores big time in staging those emotional and prestige intuitive troubles. This is a sports drama and by default you know the arc of the story but what Ranjith has done in this movie is something that needs to be appreciated. Sometimes you can feel the artificiality of the surroundings of the movie yet the performance of characters, BGM, cinematography and narration facades few of the negatives this movie has.

Arya with his innocence has done one of the best roles in his career though he had little issues with emotional scenes. Unlike other sports drama, this movie does not toil in showing the efforts of hero initially and stage the mega event during final minutes, this movie shows the journey of character with each stage of his progress being important, key being the grip of narration and elevation. The opponents whom hero face in this movie before the mega match are not sidekicks, they also have importance and fame in the story. The cinematography of boxing matches with leg movements, the punches, the blocks show director has done good work on staging the boxing instead of just showing punches with slow motion shots. The character of Dancing Rose caught my attention, the portrayal of dancing rose and the details shown itself gives us a thought “can Kabilan beat this guy?” and how hard will be the next opponent.

It’s not like everyone is supporting for the victory of hero, each one of them have their own priorities as well be it Vaathiyar, Kabilan, Kabilan Mom, his wife, the event organizer, Vaathiyar Son, another faction within one parambarai, all these have been portrayed with a realistic tone. I can even remember small characters including the saamiyar accompanying Vaathiyar and another guy meeran, that’s how much good the characterization is. Initial 1.5 to 2 hours of this movie had a high pace. The next 1 hour or so, what unfolds will not have the same pace as initial 2 hours. Screenplay kind of dwells into known territory but still, the narration has not gone out of context. The troubles in the lives of those community people, the role of sports in shaping up a person or a community, national and state politics around that period, like this, many aspects have been well integrated into this narration. The slight problem is we don’t have the same curiosity level as the first 2 hours. You now kind of know where the movie is going to end, but still the whole staging of the writing is good, and it ends well. The camera man has done a commendable job even in the last frame of the movie. While watching this movie all along I felt it would have been better in bigger screen. Another good movie lost for OTT viewing.

Characters – Obviously hero is the central figure around which various characters work, but in this movie the specialty is all of them have their respective importance. It almost felt like a real-life characters. Everyone did an impressive job.

Pa. Ranjith – He does not have a wider base of audience due to various reasons but with this movie he has shed that image. If it had released in theatres, for the next movie he might have gained a larger crowd pull. Ranjith has delivered a universal subject with good movie making aspects. Music was good with background score being the highlight. Excellent Cinematography.

SAARPATTA is a roller coaster exciting you for most part of the ride in the circles, turns and ends on a straight line leaving you with overall satisfaction and excitement it had offered