Rojin Thomas’s ‘#Home’, on Amazon Prime, with Indrans and Sreenath Bhasi, has its moments but not enough to justify its contrivances and bloated running time

Posted on August 20, 2021


Spoilers ahead…

The nominal head of #Home, directed by Rojin Thomas, is the father, beautifully played by Indrans. It’s excellent casting, and his character, Oliver Twist, is as relevant today as the video cassettes in the store he used to run. The world has passed him by and he hasn’t made much of an attempt to keep up with it. Indrans’ very face has that look that invites you to underestimate him. You look at him and go: this guy, what can he do? At the same time, his face and exquisitely controlled micro-emotions also invite sympathy. You look at him and go: poor guyOf all the people in the house, it is left to him to clean up his aged father’s piss and shitIf only his own son were as understanding.

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