In Don Palathara’s superb ‘Everything Is Cinema’, on MUBI, we see how much of life and cinema can be explored in a mere 70 minutes.

Posted on August 24, 2021


Spoilers ahead…

From the press reports, we gather that Don Palathara’s Everything Is Cinema is inspired by Louis Malle’s 1969 documentary, Calcutta. The character Don plays in the film, a filmmaker named Chris, says as much: he wants to film a “continuation” of the Malle documentary, which is now over 50 years old. So you think maybe he wants to see how the city has changed in all these years. Or maybe he wants to show how his own gaze, even though he is an Indian, is not all that different from Malle’s decidedly Western gaze: because Chris is from Kerala, and speaks no Bengali or Hindi.

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