Chimbu Deven’s ‘Kasada Thapara’, on SonyLiv, is a hyperlink movie with clever little concepts that needed stronger writing

Posted on August 27, 2021


Spoilers ahead…

Chimbudeven’s new film, Kasada Tapara, consists of six short films. In a season of underwhelming anthologies, I admit  I was a little terrified about going through another set of mini-narratives instead of one solid feature-length film. But Chimbudeven does something clever. This is a hyperlink movie — so, in effect, the six shorts do add up to one one feature-length film. Take the opening installment, a love story with Premji and Regina Cassandra. It could have stopped with the twist we get at the end. But the ripple effect of the actions in this love story are felt all the way to the last scenes of the film.

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