Readers Write In #406: Why Nehru was a horrible “founding father”

Posted on September 11, 2021


(by Sudharshan Garg)

Aman had posted a Reddit post (which I had rebutted in a detailed manner. Will repost it here) 
Let me start out with the easy way, the “positives” as listed

ZERO civil wars ( China, Mexico, SL)

Why is this “Nehrus achievement” now? Look up our history, starting say 500 bce from when we have reliable records and show me how many civil wars we have had in total and in particular, peasant rebellions (something that has plagued contemporary states from China to Russia to then Byzantium and Egypt and even large parts of Europe).

India has had a very little tendency to rebel. Even when there are rebellions and civil wars, these are usually a nobility – nobility issue like during the period of Aurangazeb or the Great Indian revolt of 1857.

So when we have over a almost 2,500 year history had only a literal handful of civil wars and almost no peasant lead rebellions, that to me and any other observer would suggest a cultural trait and not the doing of one person.

ZERO famines (we had 12 under Brits)

And? What exactly did Nehru do? Please list his policies here that helped avert famines. Keep in mind the Green revolution was initiated by bureaucrats in 1965.

Also a global decline in famines is observed from the 50’s on – excepting China which was the exception in the 60’s

Is Nehru some superhuman being responsible for a worldwide decline in famines?

The head of South Sudan must be Nehru part 2 as his country which was plagued by famines hasn’t seen on in his tenure yet.

Or we can use data and take an objective look at the drought years in India
Source – , 

Starting 1943 till 1965 when Chachaji died, there was just one drought year in 1950, and surplus rain for almost 70% of his tenure which includes some of the highest average rainfall the entire country has received over 100 odd years.

So now Chachaji is also Indra bhagvan who brings forth bountiful rain?

ZERO secession 

Kashmir, Naga insurgency, Mizo insurgency (in which Nehru used the IAF to bomb Indian citizens! Peace loving Nehruji indeed), Assam insurgency all started in the 60’s.

The roots of the Naxalbari insurgency which lead to the Naxal infestation of today started because of Nehrus’s utter mishandling and mismanagement of the situation though it officially broke during LBS reign. 

ZERO coups 

Refer point A on rebellions and civil wars – palace coups were extremely rare events in Indian history and over 2,500 years we know of no more than a handful of these events (the Shunga take over of Mauryan dynasty is one really prominent one). So if you look at a pattern, having a coup would be an aberration and not the norm while for many other contemporary states, say China or Byzantium or Western Rome, this was the norm.

ZERO state sponsored GENOCIDE

Razkar genocide….NEXT.

Nehruji loved freedom of expression so much that he banned a commission (Pandit Sunderlal) and it stayed banned till 2013! Muh FOE!

So your “positives” and “achievements” safely disposed off, let us move on.

This post  seem to have a rosy view and one poorly educated in actual history (view seems more like the nonsense National Herald would spew in an article written by Ramachandra Guha)

It  speaks of fair elections, sure, for 15 years only the Cong had the money and muscle to fight elections. Despite that if a non Cong alternative formed power, dear Chachaji used his brute majority in parliament (and his pet presidents) to outright dismiss governments using Art 356. 

Chachaji and his equally freedom loving daughter
Source  – have imposed Art 356 a record 58 times!

Some choice examples – in 1951 iirc (or 52, don’t remember), Nehruji  in his freedom loving, democratic avatar dismissed the government of Gopi Chand Bhargava after holding the state in political limbo for a fucking year! Why? Because Bhargava, a democratically elected CM refused Nehru’s choices for ministers. So what did this amazing devta of democracy do? He praised Bhargava for standing up to him, admired his democratic and federal spirit and let him get on with it.

Or Option B, hold the whole state in administrative limbo for a year and then get the President to dismiss a legitimately elected CM only because he wanted his own puppet in power? 

If you guessed option B, you get full marks bonus if you guessed the replacement, Bhim Sen Sachar, a full blown Nehru puppet. Bonus fun fact- all these folks who keep whining about the Delhi Lt Gov and how he is a Modi agent, should learn from Nehru, the then Gov of Punjab, Nandu Lal Tiwari was a full blown Nehru agent, he even gave a fig about constitutional protocol and openly worked on behalf of and for the PM bypassing his nominal boss, the President (who himself was a Nehru puppet, so guessing there was not too much resistance)

In 1953, then then state of PEPSU had the first non Cong party / CM heading a coalition. Nehru praised them (like he did Gopi Chand) and embraced them in the full spirit of federalism and worked together for Bharat Mata’s prosperity! 

Naw, he engineered instability in the coalition and then got it dismissed.

Andhra 1956 There was a no confidence motion against the Cong govt because of its shitty prohibition movement, when the govt lost it, constitutionally the Communists who had some 30% of the seats and were the largest opposition party who along with independents (who were against prohibition) and the socialist party of India could have made the numbers, staked a claim.

Chachaji in the full spirit of democracy and not at all being dictatorial, dismissed the assembly and imposed art 356.

Kerala and EVS Govt – literally and I mean literally no reason, but Chachaji imposed 356 anyways, on the advise of his unelected daughter who held the role of his personal secy.

State of Travncore Cochin – Cong govt fell because the CM himself resigned, the opposition party, the Peoples Socialist Party iirc staked claim and said it had the numbers, but Chachaji asked it to fuck off nevertheless, thank you very much.

Nehruvian rule was simple – if instability favoured Cong, claims were allowed and Cong took power. Where it went the other way, Chachaji simply dismissed the government.

Orissa – DITTO As above. Cong couldn’t manage the coalition, other parties approach the governor to form the govt, governor who was a Nehruvian puppet rejects these demands, assembly disolved and fresh elections (that usually favoured Cong, because the people were sick of the instability engineered BY Nehru in the first place voted for stability) ordered.

You see, Chachaji didn’t have to be a dictator as he simply used the overwhelming control he had over the legislature and the President to simply get his way which makes him a….dictator!

Ofc, National Herald or The Wire won’t teach you any of this shit, so we get all sorts of Goebbelsian lies on the greatness of Nehru. 

And then you have the brazen brazen scams. Ever heard of the Jeep scam? Of course you haven’t the first scam of modern India. Negruji like the gracious god that he was gracefully forgave the architect and invited him back to the cabinet (the scams of Nehruvian and Indira India are a subject of a book in themselves) 

Then you have his asinine economic policies that lead to the Nehruvian rate of growth. 

Then you have the stinking nepotism he introduced into Indian politics. 

Then you have small facts like 70% of his first cabinet was either sacked or resigned in disgust at this autocratic ways. 

Then you have aspects like how he had even poets arrested for writing against him, and introduced the first amendment. 

Nehru was a pox on India, and his peers knew it. Given that he got exactly 0 of 15 Congress pradesh units voting for him.