Ananda Krishnan’s ‘Kodiyil Oruvan’ (Vijay Antony, Aathmika) has a promising story that’s let down by a disastrous screenplay

Posted on September 17, 2021


Spoilers ahead…

Kodiyil Oruvan has a great story, and had it been made in the 80s it would have been called Oru Thayin Sabhatham (a film with that title was actually made back then by T Rajender). The story begins in a village where a bunch of politicians pick a woman to contest the panchayat elections. Their idea is to get her to do what they want after she’s won, without any of her interference. Unfortunately for them, she refuses to be a puppet and they decide to kill her. And in a wonderful Baahubali-like touch, she’s saved by her infant son. 

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