Readers Write In #454: Thoughts on ‘The Batman’ and how it mirrors my life

Posted on March 31, 2022


By Bruce Wayne, aspiring filmmaker

Usually I enjoy a movie as it is during the first watch. No questions, no extra analysis, no breaking down, nothing until someone else discusses the same with me or till I rewatch the movie when I like it or when something really interesting was not at all developed (that really bothers me)!. When I asked my friend about ‘The Batman’, which got released a couple of weeks back, he wrote a small article and sent it to me. That inspired me to write about how I felt about the same movie. Lets get to my feeling towards The Batman hoping I could write something nice and makes sense.

When the DC released the trailer for the film, I was very interested on how this largely trolled actor is going to pull off as the masked bat. Also ‘Something In the Way’ song was added to my daily playlist. It was definitely an impressive trailer. Because of the pandemic it got delayed several times. I was waiting for its release for more than a year and BOOM, first day first show it is!

‘I FUCKING LOVED THE MOVIE!’ is how I want to start this.

When you are in the early stages of becoming an uncle (soon to touch 30), every decision of your life so far brings you to a point from where your remaining life becomes either super great or super worse (for a person who has big dreams and who has not taken a steady paying job). It also makes you become insecure and think what have I done right or what have I done wrong. A lot of What-IF scenarios will definitely be running at the back of your mind. I felt Robert Pattinson was thinking the same after putting on the Mask and fighting against criminals for two years, in Gotham city. He is not sure why his fighting against the bad people did not put an end to the crimes, whether he is right or wrong. He even thinks this city is beyond saving. The opening narration conveys the above to us. I was able to instantly connect with the Dark Knight. Like the fictional city Gotham, crime rates are increasing day by day in the real world as well. Negativity is at its peak and as some say History repeats itself. Around 100 years ago World War happened and today the same is at the verge of happening. In addition to this, the pandemic has made the cinema industry, the profession I chose, go down. I feel like The Batman now, whether to save the Industry or is it beyond saving?

Matt Reeves chose to cover the initial portions of Bruce Wayne turning into Batman which I think is a brilliant move. The Batman is vulnerable, has self doubts, he cannot stand the sunlight (he wears black glasses in the two daylight shots of the whole movie), he still hasn’t fully figured out how to fly like the bat, his batmobile is still under construction and his hideout too. These things are psychologically connected to my present day situation. Like Robert Pattison, I am Vulnerable, I have self doubts, I cannot stand the sunlight because I am awake most of my nights & I am tired during the day. I too have a too basic automobile, Hyundai i10
Now to the important characters….

Firstly, Antagonists gives protagonists a reason to fight and live for which is why I love the bad guys more. The opposite is the same for the antagonist. The protagonists give him a reason to fight and live for. Here Riddler (played by an excellent Paul Dano) kills the people in power and leaves clues for The Batman to play along by solving them. Why is he doing this because he thinks he is like Batman. Who is he doing this against? Technically against the Wayne family and the only survivor of the Wayne family is Bruce. Riddler wants to kill Bruce, nice touch I felt when the reveal happened. Likewise I feel people who don’t trust me as my enemies. I want to prove them wrong.

Secondly, Gordon. Gordon is the only policeman who trusts Batman. Gordon always helps Batman in all the possible ways. He even takes a punch from Batman and makes him escape the police facility. How the scene was shot gave me gooseflesh. According to me, only my parents and my close friends (there are five of them) trusts me like Gordon does.

Thirdly, Alfred Pennyworth. Alfred is a trustworthy mentor / family / friend / Oldman who not only trusts Bruce/Batman (he is the only one who knows the true identity of Bruce), but also questions, supports and encourages Bruce in every way possible. I really loved the Micheal Caine version of Alfred, how he cares for Bruce Wayne’s personality and life. I also love Andy Serkis so  . Alfred in The Batman minds his own business, reading newspapers and drinking tea. In my life I too have an Alfred Pennyworth. He, like Alfred, brings out the best in me and wishes only best things for my life.

Finally, Catwoman / Selina. ‘Oh my god what a woman’ is a line from a famous Tamil movie Vaaranam Aayiram. Zoe Kravitz plays the role and she is too good. The flexibility like a cat and the way she looks, a visual treat to watch. She likes The Batman and it looks like he also likes her but there is something that holds him back. He even tries to avoid a liplock. I, like Batman, am now hesitant towards girls / women.

To give a closure, Every character, every decision made by them, every reason, comes together towards the end. There are some beautifully choreographed and shot stunt sequences with amazing sound design.

The questions that you have in your mind will only exist till that one major incident that turns the tables around. There is an amazing scene towards the climax where Batman saves the civilians. The questions that Batman had till now is carried away by the water from that scene when he gets electrocuted and falls in the flood. Batman is now resurrected. He now feels that the city is worth saving and also thinks that it is his duty to try.

At this point, I felt whatever happens I must move forward and it is worth trying. You should continue to believe the path you have chosen and just move forward whatever happens no matter what. Maybe I can save my industry, who knows?

And yes technically it is a brilliant film. The cinematography, editing, direction, sound everything was too good and I want Matt Reeves to make the sequel as soon as possible so that I hope to find answers to my future which gives even more clarity to my present life.

Thank you Matt Reeves for giving this psychologically close a movie to my present life.