The okayish ‘Taanakkaran’, by Tamizh, has Vikram Prabhu as a heroic police trainee taking on the System.

Posted on April 8, 2022


Spoilers ahead…

‘Taanakkaran’ is interesting as a document of what police training is like. The film, though, is not as hard-hitting as ‘Visaranai’ or ‘Writer’.


The Tamil film industry is probably the only one where two kinds of diametrically opposite cop films exist. We have the action movie with big stars as cops. In these films, the police are glorified to no end, even if they end up looking like vigilantes. Taanakkaran is the second kind, following the footsteps of Visaranai, Kaval Thurai Ungal Nanban, Jai Bhim and the recent and most excellent Writer. In these films, we see the rot in the police system. In the first few scenes of Taanakkaran, we see how the Indian police force was created by the British and how their training methods were intended to keep the police as servants to the System, which at that time was the British empire. Apparently, very little has changed.

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