In ‘KGF: Chapter Two’, director Prashant Neel and his star Yash deliver a superior, epic sequel

Posted on April 14, 2022


Spoilers ahead…

The film works at two levels. One, we get a huge action spectacle with inventive set pieces. And two, we get a style-filled masala movie, filled with whistle-worthy moments.

kgf 2 yash

Prashanth Neel returns as writer-director in KGF: Chapter 2, starring Yash as the gold-hearted gangster named Rocky. But first, a recap. The first chapter was a Deewar-like story of a young boy coming to Bombay and becoming a famous gangster. And then, he is sent to Karnataka, where he becomes even more famous: he becomes the messiah of the people of a secret mining town called KGF. We met Rocky’s enemies like Shetty bhai in Bombay and Inayat Khalil in Dubai. We met the Indian Prime Minister, a woman whose face was never revealed, a woman who spoke of unleashing the army on Rocky while signing the death warrant of the man she considered “the biggest criminal in India.”

But the film began with a television anchor played by Malavika Avinash. She listens to the KGF story as told by a senior journalist, played by Ananth Nag – and that is the same framing device Prashanth uses in the sequel as well. There’s just one change. The narrator now is Prakash Raj, who plays the Ananth Nag character’s son. I did not realise this while watching Chapter 1, but these conversations provide two things: a breather between the hectically paced events, and they are also a small bit of spoon-feeding for the audience, because the story is so deep and dense. No, let me correct that. The story is fairly uncomplicated. It’s the narrative that’s deep and dense. And we’ll come to this later.

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