Post Truth and Pseudorealism

Posted on May 1, 2022


Team Sudharts, a group of Art Curators specializing in pioneering artworks coming out of India.

Gone are the days when like-minded artists would huddle together to propagate their specific style of art, particularly when they were bringing something new in the art world. Every art ism was rooted in the political environment in which the artists worked. The Impressionists, the Cubists, the Fauvists and the likes were all products of a time when the intellectuals of Europe were all very passionate about the ideologies they followed.

Today however we do not see any ideology based art groups and the artists perhaps do not feel the need to show their allegiance to any particular kind of thinking. It is often said that we are now living in a post-truth world.

But according to Devajyoti Ray, one of India’s brilliant new generation painters, “post truth itself is an ideology – an ideology that allows a person to take whatever stand serves one’s narrow purpose. The tremendous explosion of technology in recent years has made this even more possible. One can these days take a film clip from somewhere, juxtapose it against something unconnected and then add a voice-over to tell a fancy story which may sound and feel real.

“Mainstream media had been capable of doing this earlier and have always used such techniques for propaganda purpose. But now that same capability has come into the hands of every netizen.

“The world is therefore itself becoming Pseudoreal”, says Ray.

It is with this idea in mind that Ray had initiated his new style of work called Pseudorealism. It is a new genre, and yet over time, it has started gathering good coinage. Ray’s works have been exhibited in many cities – Paris, London, Dubai, Taipei, to name a few. But what is more important is that Ray’s works are becoming very popular among the new generation of art lovers. Colourful, easy to understand and simple, they have a kind of newness, that appeals to almost anyone.

Pseudorealism as a genre has also started attracting many new artists and even a fashion designer, who tried to implant Ray’s ideas into her own works. “When we tried to buy some website names with the name Pseudorealism, we find that most of the names are already sold”, says Bhargavi, one of a team of curators who are showcasing Ray’s works in Bangalore and elsewhere. 

 Anyhow, how far people will appreciate Ray’s conception of the post-truth world, I cannot say. But his works are simply brilliant.

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