Kangana Ranaut gets into action mode, but even she can’t battle a script that is just a bunch of cliches

Posted on May 21, 2022


Spoilers ahead…

The film looks spectacular but we feel we have seen it all before. 


Razneesh ‘Raz’ Ghai’s Dhaakad is the kind of action-thriller where someone in the back room tells the field operative something like this: Dragonfly, this is Ringmaster! It’s the kind of movie where the protagonist suffers stabbings and ten thousand bullets and even being stabbed in the chest, only to survive each time. It’s the kind of movie with latex masks and a variety of disguises. In short, it’s the kind of movie usually made with a man – and at least in theory, and decades after Vijayashanthi, it’s good to have a woman kicking some serious butt. The target is a human-trafficking ring, and the trigger is a lullaby that is often used to induce a sense of poignancy to the proceedings. It doesn’t, which is the big problem. It comes across more like a cheesy jingle in the middle of a Schwarzenegger movie marathon on TV. 

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