The new Mohanlal-Jeethu Joseph thriller, ’12th Man’, on Disney+ Hotstar is talky and dull

Posted on May 21, 2022


Spoilers ahead…

The film is not unwatchable, exactly. But none of the characters are terribly interesting, so it never matters who the culprit is going to be. 

12th man

Jeethu Joseph’s 12th Man opens with a secret that quickly is told to someone, who tells it to someone else, and so on – until the secret is no longer a secret. The film’s centrepiece is a woman’s death, which leads to more secrets. That’s why there’s a subtitle: Unveiling the Shadows. The 11 characters are a group of very close friends. But how close is “close”? And how do you define a “friend”? Are friends just people who meet at Diwali parties and go to resorts during vacations, like in this movie? Or are they people who genuinely help each other when in need? Do they make sacrifices even if it means that their reputation takes a hit? Don’t worry. 12th Man isn’t an existential study. But it does make you wonder how this group of friends has remained friends all this time. If only they knew at the beginning what they know about one another at the end!

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