Abhijith Joseph’s cop-thriller ‘John Luther’, starring Jayasurya, has some good ideas that are let down by the writing

Posted on May 31, 2022


Spoilers ahead…

The cleverest touch is something that happens to Jayasurya, something that hinders his job. There’s not an iota of sadness or self-pity. The work must go on.

john luther

It’s strange how two films released the same week are so similar, yet so different. Rajeev Ravi’s Kuttavum Shikshayum is about cops investigating a case. Broadly speaking, that is exactly what John Luther is about. What differs is the approach. Rajeev Ravi dives deep in, with a ton of procedural detail, while Abhijith Joseph is content to stay on the surface and deliver simple twists and simple thrills. Of course, there is no right or wrong approach to a subject. I was just surprised at this coincidence between the two films. Taken together, they would make an excellent demonstration of a mainstream and hero-centric way of looking at things, versus a slightly offbeat but more holistic way of looking at things. Kuttavum Shikshayum is the better movie, while John Luther is probably the better audience-pleaser.

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