Jis Joy’s ‘Innale Vare’ is a pretty engaging thriller with Asif Ali and Nimisha Sajayan in top form

Posted on June 10, 2022


Spoilers ahead…

Building up a thriller is half the struggle. The “how will they end it” question is the other half. Both are satisfactory.

innale vare

Is Innale Vare a cautionary tale about technology? Or is it a cautionary tale about human behaviour? The first thing we see in Jis Joy’s film is a piece of technology: a computer screen. We hear an interview of a film star played by Asif Ali – and we see clips of this interview being manipulated on a laptop. I’ll make up an example. Let’s say the line is “I am not a bad actor.” If you clip out the word “not”, the line becomes “I am a bad actor.” So yes, the film’s scariest aspect is the way it shows how vulnerable we are when it comes to modern technology. I don’t know if the lightning-fast manipulations in Bobby-Sanjay’s script are truly possible, but they add to the point about how a skilled hacker with a revenge motive can really ruin your life.

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