Readers Write In #467: The need for superheroes in a modern society

Posted on June 10, 2022


By Prakash Alagarsamy

I recently watched the movie “Vikram”. The movie was good. Definitely could have been better. I loved talking about it with my family members about it. Don’t know the last time a mass movie did that. So definitely a win in that aspect. But u digress. This post is about something that has been bothering me for sometime. And this post is me getting it out of my system 

Why do we need our heroes to be larger than life? They have to be invincible. Nothing fazes them. And we love that. Why? 

Because deep down we know only superheroes can be true to their beliefs. The corruption and decay in our society is so deep, one has to be a superhero to just be even honest. Forget change. Just existing honestly, just doing the right thing demands so much strength from us, strength that we don’t have. We rationalise everyday, compromise on our beliefs everyday to survive. In our everyday life we come across  corrupt people. We should  complained or do something. But we don’t because- we are scared. Our rationalisations are ” I have no proof, nobody would back me up”. But we are all  complicit now. I nowadays think “can I complain about corrupt officials and politicians when I don’t act even against clerks and low officials”. Because we all are scared. Of our career, judiciary, authority and most importantly of our lives.

I beleive this feeling of helplessness drives our society’s fascination to our heroes. They can’t be simple guys who beat the bad guys. Because we know it’s impossible. Making them beat up 50 goons is the only believable way  that truth wins. 

It’s true that so many people fight for these kind of ideals. They are the bravest and greatest souls. We need more people like them. It makes me sad I am not one of them. 

In Vikram, Fahad inspite of all the resources and power had to become a rogue to get justice. Our heroes need to be orphans and lone wolves to fight against evil. 

For once I would like to see a movie about a normal guy who wins in a normal way. Just to atleast celebrate the brave souls fighting to make a change in this world. To see the pain and suffering,  the pursuit of truth brings. Maybe some of us gain the courage to do the right thing.