Nithin Lukose’s ‘Paka’, on SonyLIV, is a powerful Romeo-Juliet story that puts aside the romance to focus on the endless cycle of revenge between the two families

Posted on July 7, 2022


Spoilers ahead…

The walls of both family houses are filled with pictures of those who have been murdered from times before the events of this film began. These walls are a testament to the increasing violence between the two families.


Paka is structured on the classic Romeo-Juliet story: in this story, they are named Johnny (Basil Paulose) and Anna (Vinitha Koshy). Given the generations of extremely bloody conflict between their respective families, you may wonder how Johnny and Anna ever fell in love – especially when someone from Johnny’s family killed Anna’s father. But Nithin Lukose, the writer and director, does something very interesting. He takes the love story for granted, and he pushes it to the background. Johnny and Anna fell in love, and that’s it. There are no conventional romantic scenes, and even the scenes we do get between Johnny and Anna are always troubled. Instead of sweet nothings, they talk about nightmares and missed marriage appointments at the registrar’s office.

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