In Anthony and Joe Russo’s The Gray Man, now on Netflix, the characters matter less than the series of not-bad action set pieces

Posted on July 19, 2022


Spoilers ahead…

In trying to make films for global audiences, some kind of uniqueness is lost. I guess action movies are now content to be “watchable”.

In concept, Anthony and Joe Russo’s The Gray Man is a welcome change from their Avengers films. In an age of incessant computer-generated visual effects and combats, The Gray Man is more in the tradition of the Bond and Bourne and Mission: Impossible movies. It’s a relief. We actually hear bones break. We actually see blood from a face that’s been smashed. We know the hero – Ryan Gosling – will win, but he doesn’t have any superpowers except a sharp mind and sharp reflexes and a lot of training. So when I say The Gray Man is essentially a series of action set pieces, it is not a complaint. As a concept, we could use more of these movies where the action is not faked. Whether it is Ryan Gosling or his stunt double, someone is kicking ass or getting his ass kicked. This is a very primal pleasure. It’s like watching a gladiatorial spectacle in the comfort of a theatre.

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