Fahadh Faasil aces another role in Sajimon Prabhakar’s ‘Malayankunju’, which transforms a survival drama into an intense tale of redemption

Posted on July 22, 2022


Spoilers ahead…

The film is a story of redemption, the transformation of a machine into a man. And the agent of this transformation is a natural calamity.

There’s a lot of rain in Malayankunju, directed by Sajimon Prabhakar. The roofs are leaking into buckets on the floor. Outside the home, plastic sheets are not helping. The weather reports are going on about “yellow alert” and “orange alert”. But the first hour of the film, beautifully written and shot by Mahesh Narayanan, is more about the cloudy, moody conditions in the mind of Anil, played by Fahadh Faasil. He wasn’t always this way. But a tragedy changed him. There’s a telling image early on, after he bathes and prays and begins to brush his hair. He doesn’t look at the mirror that is right in front of him and which the camera focuses on. We see Anil’s reflection more clearly than we see Anil, who is out of focus. What kind of man cannot bear to see himself? Someone with low self-esteem? Someone broken? Someone who doesn’t care anymore? Anil is all of the above.

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