Anup Bhandari’s visually stunning ‘Vikrant Rona’, starring Kichcha Sudeepa, is underwhelming due to the unfocused writing

Posted on July 28, 2022


Spoilers ahead…

What’s toned up is the swag quotient, which is at complete odds with the mood and tonality and atmosphere the main story needs..

Anup Bhandari’s Vikrant Rona contains a few elements we found in the writer-director’s first film, RangiTaranga. Supernatural happenings in a place named Kamarottu. A tragedy involving a well. References to a demon named Brahmaraksasha. An investigation into who or what is behind the mystery. And most interestingly, people who are not who they seem to be. But what’s different is the presence of superstar Kichcha Sudeepa. This necessitates a “mass” flavour that results in a film that’s half-and-half: about fifty present of Vikrant Rona is a fan-service vehicle, filled with sentimental songs, a badly placed item number, slo-mo action sequences, and a whip that is wielded with the panache of Indiana Jones. The other fifty percent of the film wants to be a genre movie, a horror-thriller. The result is an underwhelming experience, whose main problem is a lack of focused writing.

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