Alia Bhatt scores another big win as a survivor of domestic abuse in Jasmeet K Reen’s ‘Darlings’, which also has a terrific Shefali Shah and Vijay Varma

Posted on August 5, 2022


Spoilers ahead…

The film is a domestic noir-cum-black comedy, and if the Alia Bhatt-Vijay Varma couple takes care of the domestic noir, Shefali Shah’s character keeps you in splits with her deadpan expressions.

darlings alia bhatt shefali shah

The plural title of Darlings is no accident. The protagonist Badru (played by Alia Bhatt) is from a lower-middle-class Muslim family, and her English consists of odd plural phrases like “I loves you” and “bad lucks”. I felt she sounded like the Rani Mukerji character in Saawariya. (Later, I discovered that director Jasmeet K Reen’s first film was to have been produced by Sanjay Leela Bhansali.) But apart from this aspect of speech, there isn’t much that is singular about Badru – at least at first. She is a victim of domestic abuse. As her mother (Shefali Shah) says, the world may have changed for “Twitter people” but not for them. Badru listens to a line like this from her husband and melts: “If I don’t love you why would I hit you? And why would you bear it if you did not love me?” Someones should bring her to her senses. And that someones is…

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