M Muthiah’s ‘Viruman’, starring Karthi and Aditi Shankar, is exactly what the trailer promised: a generic rural-template film

Posted on August 12, 2022


Spoilers ahead…

I have no problems with template films. The problem is that so little effort has been made to infuse the elements of this template with freshness.

viruman karthi

M Muthiah’s Viruman is a template film made around a series of must-have points. Point One: establish the central conflict. So we see the young Viruman with a knife, chasing his father, played by Prakash Raj. This enmity between father and son will drive the film. But before that, we need Point Two: the hero introduction. So, a few years later, when Viruman is grown-up (and played by Karthi), we get an action scene, immediately followed by a song sequence. This pattern is repeated a little later. We get a song sequence, a duet with heroine Aditi Shankar, that’s immediately followed by an action scene. Then, Point Three: reveal the flashback with the hero’s mother, played by Saranya Ponvannan. Point Four… Okay, I will stop here because you know the drill if you have seen Karthi’s earlier film with Muthiah. In case you’ve forgotten, the heroine reminds us with a line: “Manasula periya ‘Komban’-nu nenappo!”

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