Readers Write In #475: This Rose is still as fresh as it was in 1992

Posted on August 13, 2022


By Anand Raghavan

30 yrs back on the Independence Day, just when India had opened up its economy through liberalisation ,  escaping a worse economic collapse, with baby steps into a new start, came as a  breath of fresh air in film music,  breaking the shackles of the sound, the monotony in  recording , something never before heard in India. To the Tamil film music lovers who had experienced a similar feeling in 1976  , the question was not which was path-breaking, trend setting and a shift in paradigm but how could history repeat again ?, How could lightning strike twice?

How lucky are we to  get a Raja (who pulled Tamil people listening to Hindi film songs to listening Tamil songs) and to get a Rahman (who made even those Hindi music lovers to listen to Tamil songs) was to put it as the ad says “kanna, rendavadhu laddu thinna aasaiya”.., In that sense this album is to Indian cinema what Annakili was to Tamil cinema.

What this album achieved couldn’t be expressed in the form of just its sales or awards but what it pioneered, how it gelled with the aspirations of a resurgent country that just unleashed its potential.  

This Rose is still fresh as it was in 1992..