Readers Write In #478: India@75: Thoughts on the State of Indian Politics

Posted on August 24, 2022


By Aman Basha

Some reflections on Indian politics as Indian independence turns 75

As India celebrates its 75th Independence Day, it’s incredible just how farcical Indian politics has become in recent months. Two state governments collapsed, one born out of a pre poll alliance and the other out of a post poll alliance. The Maharashtra government was triggered by a coup of a Shiv Sena deputy who claimed that the current alliance was ideologically untenable, yet he spent a month tussling for ministerial berths even after being made surprise Chief Minister, to the consternation of Devendra Fadnavis, who got the biggest snub of his life after scripting what seemed a great political triumph. 

Soon after, a pre poll alliance in Bihar broke itself with Nitish Kumar making another somersault back to the Mahagathbandhan even after being made CM with far fewer seats. This long term alliance was broken using the earlier Maharashtra crisis as Nitish seemingly feared he’d become Uddhav Thackeray at the hands of the BJP. Seasons will change, trends will come and go but Nitish Kumar remains Bihar’s CM and the latest entry to the long list of PM aspirants.

The blatant greed of power and money over ideology or public service in these events was distressing enough, if not for an even more shocking event where a gang of rapists and child murderers were not only released on early parole but were subsequently garlanded and honored by the VHP while a sitting representative justified it by saying these rapists were “Brahmins with good sanskar”. It’s alarming to see this headline was the most eye popping on 15th August.

With all this running in my head, I decided to interview a politics journalist, Javed M Ansari who’s been in the field for 30 years and has written in publications like NDTV, India Today, BBC Hindi, Aaj Tak and more. I discussed the state of Indian politics and the political developments in the states of Bihar and Maharashtra. The YouTube video is linked below: