Readers Write In #492: Vendhu Thanindhadhu Kaadu

Posted on September 23, 2022


By ​Sneha Kannan

Going in to watch the movie whose trailer that did nothing to my senses, I came out feeling so satisfied after I watched Vendhu Thanindhadhu Kaadu. The feelings that movies evoke in people is so subjective which is why it’s commendable when reviewers express that this is how they felt after watching the movie and acknowledging that someone else might feel differently instead of generalizing the movie experience for all and sundry and categorically stating that this is how everyone must feel. I truly felt genuine satisfaction after watching this movie where everything worked for me (everything including the heroine or the love story or the climax which might not have worked for a lot of others). Surprisingly, no matter how many reviews I read or watch to be more aware of various perspectives, that sense of completeness I felt has still not yet been taken away from me nor is it altering my perception of the movie.

My fandom for Silambarasan started back in February 2010. It was the first time when I was blown over by how good Simbu can be. Genuine expressions of love, arrogance, confidence, fear, pain, uncertainty, going through the emotional roller coaster after making the choices that he made or those that were made for him resonated very well with me. I felt elated when he was happy on screen and wished for him to have the strength to deal with the pain he was going through. That Simbu would not have been put on display for all of us to see if it was not for Gautham. Thanks to that pair for giving us Vinnai Thaandi Varuvaya which will always be one of my all-time favorite movies.

As I’ve been mulling over as to how and why Vendhu Thanindhadhu Kaadu worked for me for the past few days, it’s probably the genuineness that I saw in Muthu on screen. Having seen Simbu in Karthik Dial Seytha Yen, I was stunned. I knew physical transformation would surely come but was inspired to see the journey of #Atman Silambarasan.  The degree of conviction that the transformation needs, to make sure that he gets to wherever he wants to be, was a real-life inspiration. Simbu broke past that amount of negativity that used to surround him and has worked so hard to be the Muthu that we saw in the first half of the movie. Muthu always had that confidence in him despite being in a place so far away from home amidst all the unknown. Simbu’s performance was very convincing, natural, and even inspirational.

Were there parts of the movie that I hated? Absolutely! Were there some sequences that I ridiculed? Certainly. But it’s those imperfections along with the perfect sequences that worked so well for me together (I honestly did not know if I had to feel for the heroine’s innocence when she says, “Naan paathukkaren” or mock at her stupidity for being completely unaware of the world she was getting into. Also, how in the world did that gun defy all laws of physics and just stay there for days together without falling?).

Again, this Simbu would not have been put on full display if it was not for Gautham. The ride for the past few years has not been the smoothest for Gautham either. He’s been an example of how one must not be if I may say so candidly. Announcing one project after another, none of them being taken to a final completed state, be it the interview series he started or the sequence of independent songs which he said he would release (the number he released was a lot lower than what he said he would), the number of movies that were unfinished were all working against him. He was getting into this zone of Gautham Menon’s ‘thing’ which beyond a point was such a cliché. No doubt from his perspective, he would have reasons for things turning out the way they did but Gautham taught me how vital it is to commit to something and see that it’s delivered. He taught me how people will perceive if you do not deliver on your commitments even if you are supremely talented.

After Vendhu Thanindhadhu Kaadu, Gautham’s own transformation was remarkable. I learnt how necessary it is to have confidence in your own skills, how self-belief will get you out of difficult times, how you must adapt to criticism, change yourself and be agile, how the good people around you will be instrumental in helping you succeed. I appreciate and applaud Gautham’s genuine attempt at making such a movie.

I am still not sure how I could experience the level of completeness that I did after watching Vendhu Thanindhadhu Kaadu, but here is a Silambarasan fan and a Gautham Menon fan rooting for both of you in all that you do in the future. Sending you lots of good vibes!