Pushkar-Gayatri’s ‘Vikram Vedha’, with Saif Ali Khan and Hrithik Roshan, is a smart action film that struggles when it tries to get philosophical

Posted on September 29, 2022


Spoilers ahead…

The first half is practically a photocopy, but the second half becomes bigger and “massier” – and thus, there’s actual juice being extracted from the pulpy premise.

The latter half of the title of Pushkar-Gayatri’s Vikram Vedha belongs to the gangster played by Hrithik Roshan in one of his best performances. In the Tamil original, Vijay Sethupathi played this character in his customarily casual fashion. What Hrithik brings is a scruffy beard, tons of star power, and a genuine touch of madness. The film has a line that you can make out from the eyes whether someone is good or bad. Hrithik’s eyes tell us he’s both, and the demented quality in his gaze is due to the good in him battling with the bad in him. Even before we set eyes on this character – and it’s a while into the movie before he swaggers in – he’s something of a legend. Cops speak in awe of his exploits. And when news gets around that he has surfaced, it feels like Satan himself has emerged from his underground lair.

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